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AT NO stage throughout the whole recovery process do we ever ask for your bank account details. In fact claim proceeds are paid to you by Trust account cheque.

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We offer a fully managed claims service, coordinating all the different government holding authorities. Our Goal is to make the whole recovery process as seamless as possible for all parties.

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A Staggering $1.2 Billion Dollars Just Waiting To Be Claimed & Growing each & every year.


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Australia’s Unclaimed Money

A Staggering $1.2 Billion Dollars & Growing Each & EVERY Year!!

Unclaimed $1.2 Billion
Bank Acts $651 Million
Shares $431 Million
Life Ins $84 Million
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So What Happens to Unclaimed Money in Australia?

When a person or company “forgets” about money in various accounts, the lost money is transferred to (in many cases) a non-interest bearing Government Trust Account. Of course, this is only done when the financial Institution cannot locate the owner. When the lost monies are not claimed within a specific period of time, the transfer occurs and the funds become Government Revenue. Sometimes, even the rightful owners of the unclaimed funds are not aware that only a specific period of time exists to grab their unclaimed funds. Imagine that !!

The Problem – To locate all the money that you could be entitled to is not as easy as you think. It can be a minefield. Why? Australia does not have a central governing body that looks after unclaimed money.

bulletOn a National basis,  the Commonwealth has a variety of institutions responsible for unclaimed monies; and

bulletOn a State by State basis, each State has separate unclaimed money laws (Acts) and various institutions responsible for lost monies unique to that State (with their own set of individual claiming rules and procedures).