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Unclaimed Money Australia – Your Lost Money Found!

Every day, people and businesses leave cash in financial institutions, insurance companies, and with government authorities – only to forget the money. As crazy as it sounds, it happens constantly. Usually the unclaimed funds are lost due to forgetfulness, neglect, or other reasons such as life changes, new career endeavours.


So What Happens to Unclaimed Money in Australia?

Unclaimed Money Australia - Your Lost Money Found - Australian Currency

When a person or company “forgets” about money in various accounts, the lost money is transferred to (in many cases) a non-interest bearing Government Trust Account. Of course, this is only done when the financial Institution cannot locate the owner. When the lost monies are not claimed within a specific period of time, the transfer occurs and the funds become Government Revenue. Sometimes, even the rightful owners of the unclaimed funds are not aware that only a specific period of time exists to grab their unclaimed funds. Imagine that !!

 unclaimed money Australia

The Problem – To locate all the money that you could be entitled to is not as easy as you think. It can be a minefield. Why? Australia does not have a central governing body that looks after unclaimed money.

  • On a National basis,  the Commonwealth has a variety of institutions responsible for unclaimed monies; and
  • On a State by State basis, each State has separate unclaimed money laws (Acts) and various institutions responsible for lost monies unique to that State (with their own set of individual claiming rules and procedures).

So unless you know where to look specifically, you could miss out in claiming all the monies what is rightfully yours. Confusing? ……… It can be!


Australia’s Unclaimed Money –  A Staggering $677* Million Dollars and Growing each and EVERY Year!!!

2012 = $677,000,000

2011 = $636,000,000

Could some of it be yours?

Unclaimed money in

  • Bank accounts – $330 million
  • Shares – $295 million
  • Life insurance – $52 million

Waiting to be claimed

(Regions with largest amounts of unclaimed money identified. Around $86 million is unclaimed by people with overseas addresses).

  • WA:  $53m ($44m Perth, $4.4m Outback, $1.8m Wheat belt)
  • VIC: $143m ($118m Melbourne, $3.1m Mornington Peninsula, $2.9m Geelong, $2.9m Latrobe Gippsland)
  • NSW: $271m ($214m Sydney, $5.7m Newcastle, $4.2m Central Coast)
  • ACT: $11m
  • NT: $7m ($4.4m Darwin, $2.6m Outback)
  • SA: $24m ($21m Adelaide, $1.4m South East, $0.8m Outback)
  • QLD: $76m ($31m Brisbane, $8.3m Gold Coast, $3.4m Cairns)
  • TAS: $6m ($3m Hobart, $1.2m Launceston)

Where’s the big money?

Over $300,000 waiting to be claimed by people from:

  • Caulfield
  • Carlisle
  • Double Bay
  • Glebe
  • Joondalup
  • Matraville
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Randwick
  • Skye
  • Waverley
*Info Source: ASIC

How We Find Unclaimed Money and Return it To You FAST!

Unclaimed Money Australia - Your Lost Money FoundThe Solution - Here at the ‘Lost Money Detectives’ and the ‘Money Recovery Office’, our recovery experts specialise in finding unclaimed funds for Australian Businesses and Citizens who have lost track of their accounts, relocated, or passed away. We search, much like detectives, to locate the unclaimed money, verify the identity of the rightful owner(s) and then prove start-to-finish assistance in reclaiming the lost money. We help with all documentation, preparation and with submitting the claim proposal.

You can have the peace of mind that our business details have been lodged and noted with all the relevant unclaimed money government holding authorities. Our Staff have over 30 years’ experience in complex claims management. That means we get it right first time, and your get your money FAST.

How Much Does it Cost?

Even better, you don’t pay us unless we successfully locate and return your unclaimed funds. There are absolutely no upfront costs or fees associated with our service. We simply charge a percentage of the recovered funds, after the successful recovery.

At NO time throughout the entire claims process will we ever ask for your Bank account details. In fact we will issue a cheque to you directly when your funds have been recovered

It costs you ZERO to process your unclaimed money claim. Guaranteed.


Let’s Work Together, Get Your Lost Money Back!

Take into consideration…

“Five Good Reasons “

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unclaimed money australia

unclaimed money australia We’ll Find Your Unclaimed Money, Or You Pay Us Nothing. ……….  Guaranteed! 


And What Happens To My Lost Money if I Don’t Choose to Claim?

Check the Video Below and Find Out!!!


unclaimed money australia So what have you got to lose - Just Your Hard Earned CASH.

unclaimed money Australia

Yes! Lost Money Detectives, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The Free Lost Money Enquiry Centre

I understand and realise I have nothing to lose as its totally No Obligation and FREE!………. ACT NOW!!!!

Make that FREE Lost Money Enquiry  

Access with confidence on 100% secure servers.


Unclaimed Money Australia –  Your Lost Money Found!

The Lost Money Detectives  and the Money Recovery Office 

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Email: info@LostMoneyDetectives.com.au

Web: www.LostMoneyDetectives.com.au

Ph (within Australia) : 1300 36 444 6
Ph (from Overseas) :  +61733385280
Fax (within Australia): 1300 55 963 3
Fax (from Overseas): +61733385281
unclaimed money australia

Unclaimed Money Australia

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