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At the Lost Money Detectives, we have helped many Australians both businesses and individuals alike to recover their previously lost and unclaimed funds.

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The Lost Money Detectives® – The Sherlock Holmes Of Unclaimed Money®!

McGuires Group – Hotels – Brisbane, Qld, Australia

McGuires’ Hotels are the largest family owned chain of hotels in Queensland,employing over 200 staff………

The first thought that came to my mind was that this was a scam, I was extremely skeptical when we received a call from the Lost Money Detectives ®…………..

To be frank I just didn’t believe it!

I contacted past clients of Lost Money Detectives ®, & they said they too had the same initial concerns. However all happily informed me that their monies had been reclaimed with a minimum of fuss, professionally & quickly. Also with the NO WIN, NO FEE Guarantee, we really had nothing to loose. So at the time of writing this testimonial we too can happily state that our unexpected claim proceeds are ‘in hand’ which we would have never located without the help of the the Lost Money Detectives ®
Angela Corcoran, Head Of Group Accounts, McGuires Hotels, Brisbane, Qld, Australia –

Austbrokers Holdings Ltd – Insurance Broking Network – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Austbrokers Holding Ltd is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange…….

As our business has grown over the years, we have purchased other companies and incorporated them into our ever growing group structure. The Lost Money Detectives ® contacted us in regards to some unclaimed funds that had belonged to one of these older companies that had been absorbed. These funds were over 10 years old. The Lost Money Detectives ® worked quietly ” behind the scenes”, and undertook the extensive research required to recover these monies without effect on our staff resources and time commitments.Thanks for the time and effort in acquiring these funds for us.
Mr Gerri Bitti, Chief Financial Officer, Austbrokers Holdings Limited, North Sydney, NSW, Australia –

Don Currie Carpets Pty Ltd –  St.Kilda, Victoria, Australia

We ..dismissed the whole exercise as a likely scam!

“Thank you to the team at Lost Money Detectives ®.

I was initially approached by several companies purporting to be able to recover unclaimed funds that we were unaware were being held by Government Holding Authorities, and dismissed the whole exercise as a likely scam!

I was reluctant to provide any personal details about our organisation to an outside cold caller/writer and it was only through the tactful contact over time that I proceeded with Lost Money Detectives ®, and I’m really glad I did!

Their professionalism and passion for what they do made the process effortless and at no time was I asked for any upfront payment or our bank account details. I was kept informed throughout the process and my early cynicism was completely reversed upon receipt of the cheque (less the fee). Well done and thank you!”
Cathy Currie, Financial Controller, Don Currie Carpets PL, ST KILDA,Victoria, Australia – 

Cerno Australia – Risk & Insurance – Head Office; St.Leonards, NSW, Australia

“When we were initially contacted by the Lost Money Detectives ® I was somewhat skepticalabout the legitimacy of the service and the likely results. After some brief research, we quickly established that the Lost Money Detectives ® was a reputable organisation with many satisfied clients so we appointed them to look after our interests.

We had a complicated structure at that time involving many entities and it took several months to pull together all the required documentation but the Lost Money Detectives ® made it very simple for us and before long, we received a substantial cheque for “lost” funds.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Lost Money Detectives ®
Ian Simpson, General Manager Strategy & Innovation
Cerno Australia, Head Office, St Leonards, NSW, Australia

Research Casting International – Dinosaur Construction – Ontario, Canada

We Make Dinosaurs……..  Really!!!

Research Casting International was established in 1987, based in Ontario, Canada. RCI have worked for museums all around the world ; making dinosaur, mammal and reptile skeletons, even for the movies such as Jurassic Park , just to name a few.

“We received a pleasant call from “Downunder” from the Lost Money Detectives ®. They informed us that they have located a larger sum of monies belonging to us from way back in 1999.

Indeed they we right, it was an installment payment from a Dinosaur casting for an Australian Institution that was feared “LOST”.

Being located outside of Australia, and not knowing the rules relating to Lost Money, we needed a company we could trust. The Lost Money  Detectives were just that, and reclaimed the money for us with a minimum amount of fuss, efficiently and most importantly with a great sense of humor.”

Mr.Peter May – Founder – Research Casting International, Ontario, Canada – 

Mrs Kim Crawford – Willoughby, NSW, Australia

“Recently, I received a very intriguing phone call from the Lost Money Detectives ®!  To my total surprise, there was unclaimed money that was apparently mine.  Well, I was astonished!  I thought, ‘this can’t be real’. So I completed the documentation (very little I will add) and the claims manager finalised the claim and sent it off. At this stage, I wasn’t even sure of the amount, except it was rather large and over $10,000.

To my surprise, I received a phone call from Lost Money Detectives ® within a couple of weeks, letting me know that the claim was processed and that a very large some of money was on its way to me! I found out where the money was from, and to this day, am absolutely delighted with the result.

I can assure you, Lost Money Detectives ® are professionals, experienced, and with the financial and legal knowledge, I felt rest assured of the entire process, and of course, the end result! Please, if you have been contact by the team at Lost Money Detectives ®, let their experienced hands handle the process for you, you wont be disappointed with the outcome!” 
Mrs Kim Crawford -Willoughby, NSW, Australia

MacMahons Holdings Ltd – Mining and Construction, Perth, Western Australia

ASX Publicly Listed Company……..

The Lost Money Detectives ® first contacted us in late September 2012 about money that was located on one of the various state government revenue registers. The Lost Money Detectives ® team worked with and directed staff on how to locate the required documents, once that was done, everything moved very fast. Once we signed the forms, and the claim was submitted by the Investigators at the Lost Money Detectives ®, the claim was paid out in 3 weeks. In all, this was a painless procedure, that procured funds back to our company. As a service, Lost Money Detectives ® were professional in all our dealings, friendly and easy to work with, detailed in their attention to the facts required, it was great to work with such an experienced company!”
Mr.Jitu Bhudia – Group Financial Controller – MacMahons Holdings Ltd, Mining and Construction Australia

Ed & Sandra Crawford – Watalgan via Bundaberg, Queensland

“The Lost Money Detective’s originally made contact with my wife and myself to inform us that a certain amount of money at that time with a Holding Authority, appeared to be legally ours. The Lost Money Detectives ®, after we confirmed our identity and our claim to the unclaimed funds, asked our permission to go ahead and try to get the unclaimed funds back to us, subject to of course a reasonable fee for their services. The entire transaction has been successfully completed to our satisfaction, and I can reference the Lost money Detectives ® for their professional and ethical approach.”
Ed and Sandra Crawford – Watalgan, via Bundaberg, Queensland

CivMec Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd – Henderson, Western Australia

Just got a nice sized cheque in the mail…..

thanks to the efforts of Lost Money Detectives ®. My company CIVMEC Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd had, through our accounts ‘forgotten’ about the debt and we assumed ‘lost’ as it was some 7 years old. Lost Money Detectives ® handled the issue professionally, efficiently and without intrusion – ticking all the boxes for me.”
Mr.Stuart Cuthbert – Managing Director ( Retired ) – CIVMEC Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd 

NationalCorp Home Loans Pty Ltd – Brisbane, Queensland 

“Money at least 6 years which we were totally unaware of until the team at Lost Money Detectives ® informed us.

“We were contacted by the team at the Lost Money Detectives ® late December 2012. Apparently we had funds sitting in a revenue department in another state, owed to our company for at least 6 years which we were totally unaware of until the team at Lost Money Detectives ® informed us.

The whole process worked smoothly. We were directed by the team’s investigator on what we needed to provide in the way of proof of our entitlement to the claim the funds. This was a seamless exercise, and was completed quickly.

The Lost Money Detectives ® team worked with us, prepared the claim and submitted it on our company’s behalf, and within weeks payment was received.

Lost Money Detectives ® provided to us a statement of the account, along with a trust account cheque payment. We felt totally at ease as were not asked for bank account information, our claim was handled professionally, and promptly, the service at all times was friendly and professional.

We have no hesitation in recommending Lost Money Detectives ® to any company looking to use their services to reclaim their lost funds.”
Mr.Barry Parker – Managing Director – NationalCorp Home Loans

La Spina Homes – Cairns, Queensland

“We had many offers but each time we refused…”

“Dear Lost Money Detectives ®, We wish to thank you for a wonderful job well done even though we were against doing anything, you persisted until you got results. We had many offers but each time we refused, you were able to persuade us that it was possible. Thank you!!!”
Matteo & Nancy LaSpina – La Spina Homes – Cairns, Queensland

Tibaldi Smallgoods (Australasia) Pty Ltd

“This has been a ‘win-win’ for us. The Lost Money Detectives ® also went that extra mile…”

“The Lost Money Detectives ® helped Tibaldi Smallgoods recover our unclaimed funds that we thought were lost forever. These funds were from transactions we did over 7 years ago, in fact they were unpresented cheques and feared lost. This has been a ‘win-win’ for us. The Lost Money Detectives ® also went that extra mile to chase up with all the relevant government authorities to recover these funds for our company. Thank you”

Yours Sincerely,

Mr.Peter Mannen – Financial Controller

Rick and Debbie Mason – Sydney, New South Wales

We would like to thank the Lost Money Detectives ® for recovering our “lost Money in such a speedy way.  This money was lost for over 10 years due to an insurance claim. We tried someone else but just gave up as we didn’t get much assistance from them at all. The Lost Money Detectives ® were very helpful, friendly and professional, they kept us informed throughout the process and answered all our questions in what proved to be a fruitful outcome for us.

With that money we were able to take a well earned holiday in New Zealand. Once again we thank the Lost Money Detectives ® for their friendliness and professional approach in recovering our money.”

 Rick and Debbie Mason – Sydney, New South Wales

Ritchie and Wendy O’Brien – Gold Coast, Queensland

“ Hi, Ritchie and I just wanted to say thankyou for all your efforts. We got money from shares that we didn’t even know existed, and that’s from 10 years ago!  If it wasn’t for the Lost Money Detectives ® contacting us in the first place that money would have gone. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou”

Ritchie and Wendy O’Brien – Gold Coast, Queensland  

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