Mrs Kim Crawford – Willoughby, NSW, Australia

“Recently, I received a very intriguing phone call from the Lost Money Detectives!  To my total surprise, there was unclaimed money that was apparently mine.  Well, I was astonished!  I thought, ‘this can’t be real’. So I completed the documentation (very little I will add) and the claims manager finalised the claim and sent it off. At this stage, I wasn’t even sure of the amount, except it was rather large and over $10,000.

To my surprise, I received a phone call from Lost Money Detectives within a couple of weeks, letting me know that the claim was processed and that a very large some of money was on its way to me! I found out where the money was from, and to this day, am absolutely delighted with the result.

I can assure you, Lost Money Detectives are professionals, experienced, and with the financial and legal knowledge, I felt rest assured of the entire process, and of course, the end result! Please, if you have been contact by the team at Lost Money Detectives, let their experienced hands handle the process for you, you wont be disappointed with the outcome!”