Research Casting International – Dinosaur Construction, Canada

Research Casting International was established in 1987, based in Ontario, Canada. RCI have worked for museums all around the world ; making dinosaur, mammal and reptile skeletons, even for the movies such as Jurassic Park , just to name a few.

“We received a pleasant call from “Downunder” from the Lost Money Detectives ®. They informed us that they have located a larger sum of monies belonging to us from way back in 1999.

Indeed they we right, it was an installment payment from a Dinosaur casting for an Australian Institution that was feared “LOST”.

Being located outside of Australia, and not knowing the rules relating to Lost Money, we needed a company we could trust. The Lost Money  Detectives were just that, and reclaimed the money for us with a minimum amount of fuss, efficiently and most importantly with a great sense of humor.”