8 Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On — And How to Stop

Sometimes financial stability takes a little bit of discipline. It can mean taking a look at all of our spending habits — big and small — and cutting out some non-essentials to be sure we can make it to our major financial goals. There’s a handful of things we all spend too much on, but a few painless tweaks can add up to major savings!

1. Coffee

starbucksCoffee tops the list because with a bunch of alternatives to this habit, it’s one of the easiest cuts to make.  If you’re the gal who rolls out to the Bux for a daily 3pm fix, that can really add up! (Quick math — Our $5-a-day coffee habit can add up to $1,200 a year if we’re doing it every workday. At that amount, you’re well into fancy handbag territory — and wouldn’t we much rather be saving our money in that direction?)

The Fix

With a pretty minimal investment, it can feel like you have a barista right in your own kitchen. Pop your morning brew in a reusable cute mug and you get bonus points for being a little greener. Make note of the when and why you end up going out for big ticket coffee purchases. We all need an afternoon break, but sometimes just a quick walk around the block can be an equally refreshing (and free!) pick-me-up.

2. Gym Memberships

gym membership

Gym memberships can be a solid investment if you truly are using them regularly and you’ve found a workout program that you stick with. If you’re ready to shop around for a new gym, there are a few ways you can save, like joining in a group or taking advantage of student discounts.




The Fix

This is a different number for everyone, but do the math of dividing your monthly fee into the number of times you actually go to the gym to get your “per workout” expense. If this makes you faint, the way I do when I see the price of a Soul Cycle class, then consider taking your workout routine home to the living room or outdoors.


3. Work Lunches

spending too much money

“Treat ourselves Fridays” often turn into “I- was-too-busy-to-meal-prep Mondays,” leaving us stacking multiple work days back to back where we’re forced to buy our lunches. In many cities, this can easily be a $10 outlay, and doing it on the daily is an expensive habit to get into.

The Fix

Save lunches out for a truly special occasion and schedule it with your work crew to make it something to look forward to. Resources abound for healthy lunches we can make ourselves, so our wallets and our waistlines will thank us if we can can reign this one in!




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