Make a will, says Public Trustee

UntitledWhile many Queenslanders are familiar with the idea of making a will, most of us don’t get around to making one or we forget to update it at important life stages.

The Public Trustee wants people to think about important “life admin” matters including using a will to nominate guardians and establish trusts for children.

Peter Carne, the Public Trustee of Queensland said that too often people feel uncomfortable about planning for the future, yet it’s something we all need to do.

“Whether it is made free at the Public Trustee, or with a solicitor, having a properly prepared and up-to-date will can save your family from conflict and confusion about what your wishes were. It can also ensure your children are provided for,” Mr Carne said.

“As more and more people form blended families, it is even more vital for people’s loved ones, that they make a clear will and also prepare an enduring power of attorney.”

Mr Carne said people often think it’s the elderly who need to make a will, but every adult should leave clear instructions.

“Turning 18, going overseas, marriage or entering a de facto relationship, buying a property and having a child are all good times to ensure your will is up-to-date.”