NSW’s recycling scheme a load of rubbish

WHAT certifiable genius came up with the idea for the new container deposit scheme, aka cash for cans shambles, aka Great Big New Tax on fun?

Honestly, to add $5 to the cost of a case of beer right before Christmas has to be the biggest own goal since, well, the greyhound ban.

Some craft beer distributors say their prices could rise up to $15 per case to cover administration fees.


Talk about the Grinch who stole Christmas: Premier Gladys Berejyklian and her hapless Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton, take a bow.

Again, a NSW Liberal government is engaging in a virtue-signalling empty gesture designed to placate noisy greenies.

When people start to realise that they are being slugged 10 cents on every can of beer, water, soft drink or flavoured milk, just as the hot weather arrives, they’ll be ropeable. And then there’s the impost of turning our homes into mini-recycling depots before making the annoying trek to the closest recycling depot, which in some regional centres doesn’t even exist. If you live on the North Coast good luck finding a recycling machine less than a three-hour drive away.

For December alone NSW households reportedly are set to be slugged more than $50 million. That’s more than $20 for every NSW household.

According to the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance small businesses will be hit hard, with one family-run juice business on the Central Coast facing a $75,000 bill to register every one of its products with the scheme, and that was just for December.

Another juice business, Bevco Pty Ltd, in Mudgee, of Orchy and Macquarie Valley juice fame, has been hit with a $35,000 bill. That included an $80 fee imposed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority for each type of beverage it sells, for a total of $8000.

Upton has now been forced to offer $200,000 interest-free loans to small businesses struggling to cope with the extra red tape at their busiest time, not to mention paying sky high fees.

And it’s actually having a reverse effect on the environment, with Channel Seven running footage of Return and Earn depots which have become unsightly dumping grounds where rubbish and recyclables not accepted by the new recycling machines are piling up.

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