Don Currie Carpets Pty Ltd – St.Kilda, Victoria, Australia

We ..dismissed the whole exercise as a likely scam!

“Thank you to the team at Lost Money Detectives ®.

I was initially approached by several companies purporting to be able to recover unclaimed funds that we were unaware were being held by Government Holding Authorities, and dismissed the whole exercise as a likely scam!

I was reluctant to provide any personal details about our organisation to an outside cold caller/writer and it was only through the tactful contact over time that I proceeded with Lost Money Detectives ®, and I’m really glad I did!

Their professionalism and passion for what they do made the process effortless and at no time was I asked for any upfront payment or our bank account details. I was kept informed throughout the process and my early cynicism was completely reversed upon receipt of the cheque (less the fee). Well done and thank you!”